Course Route

  • Start On St. Clair Ave. on South side at Wells Hill Park
  • E/B on St. Clair Ave. to Russell Hill Rd. – All E/B lanes
  • S/B on Russell Hill Rd. to Boulton Dr. - Whole Rd.
  • W/B on Boulton to Macpherson Ave. Whole Rd.
  • W/B on Macpherson Ave. to Davenport Rd. Whole Rd.
  • W/B on Davenport Rd. to Christie St. Half Rd. – W/B lanes only.
  • N/B on Christie to St. Clair Ave. Half Rd. – N/B lanes only.
  • E/B on St. Clair Ave. to Finish Line at. Wells Hill Park. Half Rd.

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Athletics Ontario

Accreditation class AAA

Elevation Chart

Elevation Chart



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